Project YES (Youth Empowered for Success) Coalition

Mission: To empower our youth by creating opportunities to enhance their potential.

Vision: To engage youth, families, and committed stakeholders in providing education and promoting healthy decision making.  By doing so, we will be proactive in our efforts to create a safe and healthy community where youth choose to no use alcohol, tobacco and drugs and are valued for their choices.  

For more information about Project YES or to schedule a presentation, please contact the  

Richland County Health Department at 


What can you do ? 

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Resources for Parents 

Resources for Kids 

Underage Drinking 

    • Supplying alcohol to a minor is a crime – even for parents, even at home.  

What can you do ? 

Learn more at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention 

Parents, talk to your children about choices, rules and consequences 

Think you have a problem? Here are some resources for you.  


    • With the increased legalization of marijuana across the United States, there is a growing perception among youth that it is not harmful or addictive. Unfortunately marijuana can cause major health, safety, social and learning problems, especially in adolescents. (source:

Learn more about marijuana use in teens and young adults at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.  


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