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Richland County Health Department (RCHD) offers classes and educational opportunities throughout the year. Check the RCHD calendar for specific dates and times currently scheduled. Register online or call 701-642-7735. 

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Babysitting Basics – for youth 11 years + Cost: $15.00
Babysitting Basics is designed to teach how to provide safe and responsible care for infants, toddlers, and young children. Skills taught at the three hour class include diapering, feeding, safety, age appropriate activities, discipline, and leadership. Each child receives a certificate upon completion of the class.

CPR/AED – for ages 16 +     Cost: $50.00
  Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) with Automated External Defibrillator (AED) classes covers CPR for adult, child, and infant and AED use for the adult and child.  Teaching is done via video and hands on practice.

CPR/AED/First Aid – for ages 16 +     Cost: $75.00
A combined class is available for people needing CPR/AED and First Aid.

First Aid – for ages 16 +     Cost: $50.00
Adult or Pediatric (child) First Aid classes use video and hands on practice for a variety of topics including allergic reactions, diabetic emergencies, seizures, shock, bleeding, broken bones, insect bites and much more.

Safe at Home – Home Alone – for ages 9+     Cost: $15.00
Safe at Home class is designed to help families develop the life skills needed when the decision is made for a child to stay home alone.  The three hour class is for the child, with work to be completed with an adult about specific situations and instructions in their own home.

Safe Sleep/SIDS Prevention – for Daycares/Foster Parents     Cost: No Charge
Safe Sleep/SIDS Prevention is for Daycare Providers and Foster parents who provide hands on care for children under one (1) year of age.  This class focuses on safe sleep practices.

Weigh 2 Change – for people 18 +     Cost: No Charge
Weigh 2 Change is a diabetes prevention program.  Risk factors for diabetes include obesity, sedentary lifestyle, race, family history, age, and if you had gestational diabetes when pregnant.  This program is geared for people who are pre-diabetic or who are at risk for pre-diabetes who want to have a positive impact on their own heath.  It involves weekly and monthly meetings that focus on healthy lifestyle with emphasis on healthy eating and physical activity.

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