Substance Use Prevention Program:

RCHD recognizes the impact that addictive substances have on the health of our community. Richland County Health Department is committed to reduce substance abuse and create awareness in our county. We provide many services including health education to individuals and groups, assistance with alcohol and tobacco-free policies, tobacco cessation services, and implementing evidence-based prevention strategies. Current grants are:

  • Drug-Free Communities Grant (DFC)
    • Wahpeton Project YES (Youth Empowered for Success) Coalition
  • Tobacco Prevention and Control Program (TPCP)
    • The goal of the TPCP is to reduce disease, disability, and death related to tobacco use by:  
      • Preventing initiation among youth and young adults
      • Eliminating exposure to secondhand smoke  
        • RCHD provides local cessation services FREE of cost. Contact us for more information.
      • Promoting quitting among adults and youth  
      • Identifying and eliminating tobacco-related disparities among specific population groups
  •  State Opioid Response Grant (SOR)
    • Provide take back locations/education on safe disposal of medications including at home free medication safe disposal bags
    • Free Narcan with training
    • Education on stigma related to opioid use disorder or stimulant use disorder
    • Transportation is available to those who are in need of treatment
  • AOD Grant (Alcohol and Other Drugs)
    • The goal of the AOD Grant is to reduce binge drinking in our county and bring awareness of alcohol use by:
      • Providing awareness of the problem and the program in the form of advertisements, social media, billboards, flyers and by radio.
      • Providing forensic scanners in locations in our county to prevent underage drinking with fake I.D.’s.
      • Providing security cameras in high traffic areas around the county where binge drinking and underage drinking is taking place.
      • Providing training and meeting with retailers.
      • Providing Parents Lead materials, activities, social media posts and information on being a good role model.

Contact Us:

For more information on Substance Use Prevention please reach out today at our Contact Us page!

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