Home Health

Richland County Health Department Home Health team provides compassionate care to ensure clients can remain at home. This program does not require clients to be home-bound to receive services. RCHD nurses will provide in home care such as:

  • Managing your health care needs with your primary MD/provider
  • Medication set-up and monitoring, including injections
  • Point of care INR monitoring when on a blood thinner
  • Monitoring after discharge from hospital or nursing home
  • Health education and support
  • Telehealth
  • Evaluation Visits
  • Agency QSP (Qualified Service Provider) to assist with personal care/respite services
  • Home Health Aide assists with client care such as bathing, dressings, hair care, shaving, nail care, exercises, and more.

RCHD Home Health Staff:

For more information on Home Health Services please reach out today at our Contact Us page!

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