Home Health

Richland County Health Department Home Health team provides compassionate care to ensure clients can remain at home. This program does not require clients to be home-bound to receive services. RCHD nurses will provide in home care such as:

  • Managing your health care needs with your primary MD/provider
  • Medication set-up and monitoring, including injections
  • Point of care INR monitoring when on a blood thinner
  • Monitoring after discharge from hospital or nursing home
  • Health education and support
  • Telehealth
  • Evaluation Visits
  • Agency QSP (Qualified Service Provider) to assist with personal care/respite services
  • Home Health Aide assists with client care such as bathing, dressings, hair care, shaving, nail care, exercises, and more.

RCHD Home Health Staff:

For more information on Home Health Services please reach out today at our Contact Us page!

andrew headshot
Andrew BAN, RN Home Health Nurse
marcie headshot
Marcie, Senior Direct Care Aide
lori headshot
Lori, Accounting Specialist

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