ND Colon Cancer Screening Program

What is colon cancer?

Colon cancer is caused by nonstop and unnecessary cell growth in the colon (also known as the large intestine). This growth can result in cancerous tumors. Early detection is key to survival, and several methods can be used for testing.

  • A colonoscopy is a testing procedure in which a doctor examines the colon with a camera, checking for polyps and cancer cells.
  • A blood stool test (such as FOBT or FIT) is an at-home test that checks for hidden blood in stool. Blood in the stool can be an early sign of colon cancer.
For more information about Colorectal Cancer, download a Fact Sheet at the link below.

Should I get a colonoscopy?

Risk Factor



I have irritable bowel disease.


I have a family history of colon or prostate cancer.


Sometimes I notice blood in my stool.


I often experience stomach pain/discomfort.


My bowel movements have changed and now I often am constipated


My stool is suddenly loose and watery.


I am 45 years old (or older).


* Even one “Yes” indicates you could be at risk for colon cancer. Check with your healthcare provider about your screening options.

North Dakota Colorectal Cancer Screening Initiative Grant aims to help eligible North Dakotans 45 – 64 years of age pay for colorectal cancer screenings.


RCHD Colorectal Health Staff:

Contact Us:

To enroll in the program or for more information, please call Jean Smith, RN, BSN Richland County Health Department at 701-642-7735. 

For more information on Colorectal Health visit: www.health.nd.gov/crc.

To general inquiries, go to our Contact Us page.

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