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4 weeks ago

Yes, you can influence your kids' college drinking even before they start college. Findings and advice that may surprise you:

1 month ago

1 month ago

Cholesterol breakdowns are offered at the Richland County Health Department. Call 642-7735 for an appointment

1 month ago
Think Vaping is Harmless? Think Again

Like smoking, vaping causes users to inhale cancer-causing chemicals and most contain highly addictive nicotine. Educate yourself.

1 month ago
Efforts to prevent youth substance abuse on the rise

Richland County Health Department and the work to prevent youth substance use continues. ... See more

Preventing underage substance abuse is a year-round priority. For Richland County Community Prevention Coordinator Ariel Johnson and members of the Project YES Coalition, efforts are expected to be ... See more

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2 months ago

As you get ready to send your kids back to school. Educate yourself on the harms of tobacco products, including the new electronic cigarettes commonly known as JUULs. Check out ... See more

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