Environmental Services

Environmental Health Services are contracted through Fargo Cass Public Health (FCPH).  Environmental Services include but are not limited to:

  • Radon & water testing kits available
  • Inspection/Licensing of onsite septic systems, and swimming pools
  • Nuisance complaints

City of Fargo Environmental Health
North Dakota Department of Health

Contact information: Environmental Health Division (FCPH) 701-476-6729 or health@cityoffargo.com

Public and Semi-Public Pools

All public and semipublic pool facilities are required to adhere to the rules set forth in the Richland County Ordinance enacting swimming pool regulations.  The primary goal of these rules is to ensure a safe swimming pool facility by approving the pool designs, regulating water quality, and enforcing recordkeeping practices.  Proper swimming pool design and operating practices protect the public against:​

  • Infections transmitted through the pool
  • Infections transmitted through the bathhouse facilities
  • Physical injury within and about the pool​

Operational standards for Swimming Pools

On-Site Septic Systems

The Fargo Cass Public Health (FCPH) Division of Environmental Health provides minimum standards and criteria for design, location, installation, operation, and maintenance of on-site sewage treatment systems (OSTS) in Cass, Ransom, Richland, Sargent, and Traill Counties, and permits and conducts inspections of new and existing systems that are installed in Richland County and licenses all septic system installers in the county.

Requirements for On-site Sewage Treatment Systems

For more information on Environmental Services use our Contact us form.​​

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